Smuggling Female Camels, Aborted

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The Red Sea State Anti-Smuggling Department aborted an attempt to smuggle a herd of female camels that were on their way across the land border north of the state.
The Director of the Customs Forces, Police Lieutenant General Adam Al-Nour, explained that the recent increase in cases of smuggling of female camels indicates that mean-spirited people aim to waste the country’s resources and sabotage the economy, trying to make quick and illegal profits.
He explained that smuggling female camels is a dangerous practice that works to sabotage the economy and waste the livestock, particularly camels, indicating that this seizure is the fourth of its kind within a short period of time.
For his part, Director of the General Department of Combating Smuggling, Major General Babiker Yousif Babiker, affirmed their full readiness to combat all forms of smuggling, pointing out that his forces will remain on the lookout and fully vigilant to abort these desperate attempts.
The Director of the Anti-Smuggling Department in the Red Sea State, Brigadier General Khalid Mohammed Saleh, confirmed that the great efforts made by the anti-smuggling teams are deterring and aborting smuggling attempts in the state. He also praised the force that foiled the attempt, urging them to exert more effort and secure all borders of the Red Sea State against smugglers.

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