Naples Emergency Before Facing Monza


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Napoli will miss Victor Osimhen and Matteo Politano’s suspension efforts against Monza in the Italian Serie A, in light of increasing injuries that worry coach Walter Mazzarri. Osimhen and Politano were sent off during the 2-0 loss to Roma.
Stanislav Lobotka also came off injured in that match, while midfielder Jesper Lindstrom was absent due to injury.
There are doubts about the players’ participation in the Monza match.
Mazzarri told a press conference on Thursday: “We are in a state of emergency, and I even prepared a list.”
“Lobotka is the first choice,” he said. “If he is physically fit, he will play.” If he can’t, I have great confidence in Jens Kaiuste, who will become very strong. Lindstrom is unable to play 90 minutes even if he is healthy, so he will either play as a starter or come on as a substitute.”
Brazilian defender Nathan participated as a substitute in the final minutes of the loss to Roma, and despite suffering a shoulder injury, he continued playing after two of his teammates were sent off.
The coach also announced the injury of Diego Demi, and although Elif Elmas signed a contract with Red Bull Leipzig last Wednesday, the coach does not expect much from the upcoming transfer period.
Napoli ranks seventh in the league with 27 points, one point behind Roma, sixth in the standings, while Monza comes in 11th place with 21 points.

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