RSF: Coptic Monastery Converted Military Base


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Members of the Rapid Support Forces attacked a Coptic Christian monastery in Wad Madani, Gezira State in central Sudan, and used it as a military base.
Christian Solidarity World (CSW) sources reported that at least five priests, five novices (i.e. priests-in-training) and four workers have been missing since the RSF released video footage of their militiamen harassing monastery residents.
“Christian Solidarity World is deeply concerned about the attack on the Coptic monastery in Wad Madani, and particularly for the safety of those whose whereabouts remain unknown.” Said Mervyn Thomas, founding president of CSW.
Mervyn added that the international community must also take strong measures to ensure that those responsible for flagrant violations against Sudanese citizens, during and before this conflict, are held accountable, and that any state or entity that actively aids and incites the commission of war crimes and prolongs civilian suffering by financing or arming the belligerents is punished.

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