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Mounir Cancels New Year’s concerts


Sudan Events – Magda Hassan


King Mohammad Mounir’s step to announce the cancellation of the New Year’s concert is greatly appreciated on social networking sites, where Mounir announced that the two New Year’s concerts had been cancelled, “As long as our sisters and our land are not well, I will not be able to sing and live.” The public accepted the decision with love and appreciation, while opinions emerged asking him to sing for them or singing and

donated the proceeds from the concert to those affected by the war , others to sing at the top of his voice so that his voice would reach the whole world in order to save them.

Sudanese compared the position of King Mohammad Mounir with the positions of Sudanese singers, in light of the ongoing war crisis and the debate revolved around the singer’s right to continue his activity and profession and between his humanitarian and national role and message.

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