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On the Singers Pages: Blogs at Eve of the New Year


The Singers pages on social networking sites varied between remembering and regretting the past and announcing a New Year’s celebration but all tweets included prayers for safety and security and a return to the homeland and home.

Report: Magda Hassan

The singer Ismat Bakri shared the memory of last year’s concert, which he brought together with the singer Iman Al-Sharif, and it happened on this day. It seems that the duo abstained from concerts this year due to the war conditions that the country is going through. Singer Iman Al-Sharif, commented on the concert poster: May Allah bless us with security and safety. And stability and reunification, O Lord. 2023 was a year full of sadness and tears. God willing, our destinies will change in this year.
Singer Ismat Bakri said: Praise be to Allah for what has passed and contentment and acceptance of what will come. Indeed, it was one of the most beautiful celebrations, Allah willing, in Sudan.

The musician Dr. Anas wrote on his Facebook page: In all previous years, we used to share and exchange good wishes among ourselves, but we did not find anything good in everything related to us, the country, and the world as a whole. So what do you have in store for us tomorrow, O year 2024, while you are bearing the harvest of 2023, which preceded you a little while ago? Is it because of the past tragedies, epidemics, wars, poverty and injustice, or is there something good in it, O year 2024? All we have to do is say to you: Welcome. Come in….and we wait.
While the dramatic ambassador, Ali Mahdi, celebrated with portraits drawn for him by young people: The portraits, my beloved ones, at the end of the year recall moments of celebration, and how beautiful they are when you realize that what you are working on deserves attention and attention to its details.
Yes, one image, another, and possibly others at the same time and place. Every year, you is fine.
My country and its people are fine. Yes, they are free as they are. Great
Be Affectionate
And the students of the artist Hoda Arabi in the year 2024 in Hanoa:
Be kind to us
We apologize for the past year, which we thought was difficult
2023 in which we saw all the (ordeals) is a new year, O Lord, a year of peace, safety, security and stability for all Sudan.
While the artist Fahima Abdullah shared a poem for the new year titled (In the New Year), the beginning of which says
In the new year
Hopes come true
We go home
We come back with peace of mind
We build brokenness
We are blessed with good fortune
We reconcile, we bless
The joy of getting back to normal
A year is about to end
And a new year will come
Invitations and Criticism
The singer Nada Al-Qalaa, sent invitations to the homeland: vesre ;!Oh God give us the feeling of this verse:
“Then comes after that a year in which the people will be given relief.”
Oh God, grant us health, wellness, joys and good deeds
Oh God, a year full of goodness, reparation, answering prayers and fulfilling wishes. Oh God, grant my homeland security, safety and stability.
While the singer Makarem Bashir announced that she would hold a New Year’s concert in Cairo, in a move that attracted criticism from her fans, who reminded her of canceling Mohamed Mounir’s New Year’s concert because of the countries that are not doing well.


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