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The first song in the new year: Nadir Talsam Perfomance

Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

NOS, an artistic and media production company, launched exclusively on its YouTube channel yesterday evening the first song in the new year bearing the name (Tasafi), written by the poet El-Mahi El-Tayeb and directed by El-Tayeb Siddiq.
The song was performed by Nader Osman Jamal Al-Din, the famous Banader Talisman, a talented artist, singer and dramatist, and one of the members of the College of Music Choir, in addition to a movement performance group.
* Coexistence and love
Director Al-Tayeb Siddiq, owner of the Land of Light project and the song’s director, considers the song to be a contemporary artistic release that denounces violence and a call for coexistence and love within the project of peace messages that he has been releasing through patriotic songs.
The director was keen for the song to represent a symbolic tribute to the city of Al-Thaghr, Sudan, with its tribal, economic and cultural diversity, which was shaped by the means of making a living in the port on the basis of citizenship, according to his description. He pointed out that the release was able to integrate the participation of local artists and bands with stars from the capital, Khartoum, and others, in a system that expresses The goals of unity in diversity.

* Arts message
Those involved agreed that throughout history, in light of the politicians’ preoccupation with wars and the fires of strife, the arts used to extinguish these flames, and with the tolerant spirit of the artists, their lofty message, and their calls for familiarity, love, and peace.
The song achieved high viewership in its first hours and found approval, especially from operators in the field of music critics.
Those involved likened that completing the song at this time and these difficult circumstances is like flying through worlds towards hope and elevating the recipient towards horizons full of good news and reassurance, and opening energies of hope for a more beautiful tomorrow.
Many stars appeared in the dramatic work, including Mustafa Ahmed Al-Khalifa, Abdul Rahim Qarni, and Awad Shakespeare. Drama writer Mustafa Ahmed Al-Khalifa considered the song good news for a good and tolerant homeland.
* Wide acclaim
The dynamic performance accompanying the song received widespread praise, especially since it represents the musical culture of young people, which is known as “Zanq” music, which stimulates dancing and releases negative energy.
The singer Awadallah Bashir, a member of the Iqd Al-Jallad band, said that the art of dynamic dancing for Al-Zanq songs and their themes deserves to be celebrated and documented, and he considered that her entry into this song constituted a new dimension and a bright side that is considered positive for the directorial vision.

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