Burhan: no negotiation or reconciliation with militias

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The President of the Sovereign Council-cum-Armed Forces Commander, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, has renewed rejection of any agreement with the rebel Rapid Support militia, stressing that there would be “No negotiation or reconciliation with them.”
Burhan in an address to military units in eastern Sudan has attacked the militia leader, Muhammad Hamdan Daglo Hemedti, and has strongly lashed out at those Sudanese politicians who held a meeting with him in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
In his address before members of the armed forces in the Jebeit military garrison in eastern Sudan today (Friday), Al-Burhan affirmed that the Sudanese army would restore the honour of those who had been attacked and smeared by the militias and those violated and killed in western Sudan, citing the cases of those who were attacked and even tortured and buried alive in El Geneina and Ardemta.
He said that the whole world has seen the ugly and heinous crimes committed by the rebels in Western Darfur, including war crimes and crimes against humanity in West Darfur and all of Sudan.
He stressed “Therefore, there is no agreement or reconciliation with militia rebels.”
Al-Burhan described the militia leader (Hemedti) as a fugitive, a liar, a traitor, playing a comedian making those politicians he met laugh.
He said Hemedti has deceived his family and some simple people by saying that he was man of faith, wondering how could a man of faith do what he did of killing people, plunders their properties, desecrating their honor, and raping their women.
Al-Burhan attacked the politicians who met with Hemedti, listened to him and applauded him, and expressed his surprise as to how they would applause somebody who killed their families and did everything bad to them to them.
Al-Burhan welcomed the formation of the popular resistance committees, and confirmed that they would be provided with firearms, and said that they would be under the supervision of the armed forces.
He stressed that he was present among his forces and soldiers and did not leave them, and stressed, “We do not have a burrow, nor do we have a basement to hide in.”

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