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Women Bard: A National Role in Modern Era


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Al-Hakama (Women Bard) are women with a high media profile in the rural community of western Sudan, in Darfur and Kordofan regions. They are a model for popular media professionals in the Arab world, as they are proficient in poetry and singing despite not being proficient in reading and writing.

She is a popular singer, poet and media personality in the local community. She speaks what others do not speak to correct society through her poetry on many issues, whether social, political, economic or cultural.

Al-Hakama originally played a major role in setting local laws and customs, by using their poetry that spoke of dignity, courage, and chivalry. This is what made Al-Hakama part of the civil government system in her local community in Darfur and the rest of Sudan.

Because of the importance of their role, they received a lot of attention from tribal clan leaders.
Among the most famous women with entrepreneurial powers are “Al-Hakama” This word means “the woman who rules the behavior of men.” appeared in the Sudanese valleys and villages.

Their distinction comes from their superior ability to memorize and recite poetry, especially those who find it useful in specific situations. The wise women sing the poetry of enthusiasm.

Among the most famous of Al-Hakama are the rulers of Darfur, who have played a wonderful national role in the modern era. When the authorities failed to stop the conflict that broke out between the tribes of Darfur in western Sudan, they resorted to Al-Hakama who intervened with their wisdom, and through their mediation, reconciliation took place between the tribes.

It is worth noting that Al-Hakama are illiterate, but their positive contribution towards their rural communities is invaluable. Their poems reflect the diverse, and sometimes disparate, cultures of the Darfur tribes, which they sing on various occasions, most of which are farmers’ occasions.

The nomadic Al-Hakama are the media machine for the less developed rural areas, especially in western Sudan, which is why the popular oral poetry they recite is popular media in its broadest sense.

Al-Hakama are often given many titles, such as: the ruler, the singing girl, the poet of the desert, or other titles.

However, all of this does not deny that they have a prominent social status in rural communities, and they enjoy unparalleled respect from members of their clan and its fans.

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