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Arabic Dialect is Closest to Sudanese

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In a session between a number of Arab writers, Nizar Qabbani said: Sudan is the closest Arab people in pronunciation of the Arabic language in its dialect.

But Naguib Mahfouz objected, saying: How is that, when they are a people who do not differentiate between the ghān and the qāf and have a problem with the nunation and parsing. Abdullah El-Tayeb said: If our problem is with the ghān and qāf, then they are similar in pronunciation, but I am surprised by people who do not differentiate between the qāf and the alif, and they also delete an entire letter from the letter alif. Some of the names are Kaab Al Hafeez, Kaab Hameed, etcIn addition, they embellish the ending of questions and interrogations with a shin, but I ask Naguib for an example that proves the problem of nunation with us.
Naguib said: Your poet says:
How can he be called to praise when the verse is complete (How can he be called to be praised if he who deliberately commits what is bad without a doubt commits what is forbidden) it is supposed to break the dāl instead of setting it as accusative.
Abdullah El-Tayeb said: The accusative of the dāl came for the benefit of the rhyme and not because of the ignorance of the poet, so praise is consistent with intentionally, just as the prince of poets, Ahmed Shawqi, said: Baghdad, there is no city called Baghdan, but you, and others, know that he means Baghdad, but he did it for the sake of the rhyme, and that is in his well-known verse (Qom Nadi Jalq).
Nizar Qabbani only rose from his seat and tried to kiss Abdullah El-Tayeb on the head, but Abdullah repelled him with beautiful Sudanese kindness.

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