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Sudanese Proverbs- Translated, Transliterated and Explained

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Muna Zaki has been fascinated by Sudanese proverbs all her life. As an undergraduate,  she carried around a notebook in her pocket so she could jot down any proverbs and sayings she heard.
This collection of proverbs provides a fascinating insight into the culture, social morals, historical traditions and humour of the Sudanese. Learning some of these proverbs can be a great way of sharing your sense of humour or expressing an opinion without having to stumble on words that might be misunderstood.
For the most part, these succinct sayings call for virtues that encourage solidarity, peace and coherence within society.
Contains over 560 Sudanese Arabic proverbs that are commonly used in the Sudan. Each proverb has an English translation.
The transliterated script guides pronunciation and assists beginners in learning the Arabic language. Concise notes explain the meaning and cultural background of each proverb. Includes a dozen folk-tales linked to individual proverbs.
An alphabetical index is supplied for easy reference. “Muna Zaki and Edmund Wyatt have compiled a useful collection of Sudanese sayings and proverbs, which provide a source of learning and a reference point for those who are interested in Sudanese culture and folklore.” Rashid Sid Ahmed Elsheikh, Sudan Studies

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