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The first Singer to carry a weapon Atef Al-Samani… the singer has an Issue

Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

A video clip circulated on social networking sites yesterday showing the singer Atef Al-Samani wearing the SAF uniform , carrying a Kalasha on his back, and with a microphone on his hand, through which he spreads the melodies of patriotic songs that ignite enthusiasm in those around him.
The video indicates that the artist cheerfully inflames the enthusiasm of the armed forces after cleaning an area of ​​mercenaries.
It is mentioned that Al-Samani responded to the call of the Commander-in-Chief of the SAF since the beginning of the war, surrendering himself to the nearest military unit and carrying his rifle, defending the land and honor.
* Talent and fame
The singer Atef Al-Samani belongs geographically to the Al-Sorrab region, north of Omdurman, where he was raised and raised in Omdurman, Imbada 10. He began his singing career early in school courses, and his talent found encouragement from his family, which put him on the path to art and then to stardom. Atef Al-Samani was married twice. He has a number of children
* Competition and achievement
Al-Samani’s star shone at the peak of artistic competition at the end of the nineties, and despite the fierce competition between the stars of that time, Al-Samani was pushed with a cassette tape.
He presented it to the masses under the title (Stars of the Night). It played a major role in his fame and popularity, and even encouraged him to produce more tapes and even put him at the forefront of competitors from his generation.
In those tapes, he presented a collection of special songs at a time when others were turning to repeating other people’s songs.
At that time, his own songs amounted to more than thirty songs, in which he worked with a number of poets, including Ishaq, Al-Halnaqi, and Taj Al-Sir Abbas.
* Artist and Sufi
Despite his inclinations for football, Atef Al-Samani kept saying that if he were not an artist… he would be an artist, as his artistic inclinations were stronger than any other hobby. Atef Al-Samani was absent from the scene while he was at the peak of his stardom, and returned about a year or more ago in a form other than the one his fans were familiar with. He appeared with long, flowing hair and a slender build, and although his audience was shocked, his voice was still tremulous, and he quickly regained his artistic focus. Some of them said that he was sick, and some of them said that he was a Sufi, but he explained that letting his hair down has nothing to do with Sufism – even though he is a Sufi by birth – but rather it is a new form that he can leave or shave.
* Art and Issue
Al-Samani has now begun a new chapter in his life by joining the mobilization forces to protect the homeland through a clear message that the artist has a cause, as appeared in the video with a clash on his back and a microphone in his hand.

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