North Darfur Pledges to Mitigate War Impacts

Sudan Events: Nahid Oshi

The Secretary-General of the North Darfur State Government, Al-Hafiz Bakhit Mohammed, pledged to move forward to provide basic services to citizens, in addition to striving diligently to achieve security and stability and reduce the high cost of living resulting from the ongoing war in the country.
During his address at the taking office Ceremony today, he called for unity of alignment and the rejection of violence and hate speech to ensure reaching comprehensive peace and stopping the bleeding caused by the war in order to reach a better situation and achieve stability.
For his part, the former Secretary-General reviewed the progress of implementation of service and development projects and the work of the specialized technical committees in the fields of water, health and electricity, in addition to the efforts made by the government to achieve social reconciliation, improve the social fabric, peaceful coexistence among all components of the community, and spread the spirit of social, cultural and sports work to mitigate the psychological impacts of warfare on citizens

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