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The Fact Finding mission formed by the UN Human Rights Council, on 11 October last year, has started its work with a publication of calls for submission, which means anybody or entity possessing information in whatever form of violations can now submit them
The Fact Finding Commission for Sudan, will submit a number of reports to the UN and culminates its reports by a comprehensive report with recommendations in October this year, one year after its formation.
The FFM Sudan will look into all forms violations committed during, by or with any of the two parties to the conflict in the Sudan, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the rebel militia Rapid Support Forces (RSF).
It is to be noted that the formation of the commission was spurred by the wide range of violations including war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide committed during attacks carried out against civilians in West Darfur region of western Sudan
The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) adopted Resolution 54/2, which establishes this independent international fact-finding mission (FFM) for Sudan to investigate and establish the facts, circumstances and root causes of all alleged human rights violations and abuses and violations of International Humanitarian
Hundreds of civilians mostly of the African Masalit ethnic groups were killed, raped and buried alive by groups allied to the RSF.
The call for submission which the UN Human Rights Council published on its website, provided emails and addresses where those possessing information could submit them to the commission which guarantees confidentiality and safety of the source.
The Fact-Finding Mission on Sudan invites individuals, groups and organizations to submit information and documentation relevant to its mandate. The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2024, the publication said,
The findings of the Fact-Finding Mission’s investigations will be presented in its reports to the Human Rights Council, which requested the Mission to present an oral update on its work followed by an interactive dialogue at its fifty-sixth session (June/July 2024) and to present a comprehensive report on its findings during an interactive dialogue at its fifty-seventh session (September/October 2024) to be followed by an enhanced interactive dialogue that should include the participation of, inter alia, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
The commission members include Mohamed Chande Othman, chair (Tanzania), Joy Ezeilo (Nigeria), and Mona Rishmawi (Jordan/Switzerland)

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