Economist: Ending Wagner’s Support for RSF

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The economic expert Dr. Haitham Mohammed
Fathi emphasized the importance of advancing Sudanese-Russian relations, especially in light of the security conditions that the country is going through.
He told (Sudan Events) in a report to be published later that Sudanese-Russian relations are old and date back to over 60 years. He said Russia has always been supportive of Sudan and the Sudanese people in many international and regional fora and many crises.
At the same time, he explained, the Sudanese government is seeking to benefit from its relationship with Russia, which has investments in gold mining in Sudan, to stop Wagner Group from supporting the RSF, given the fact that some foreign powers are using Wagner to supply the Rapid Support Forces with weapons and equipment.
Haitham pointed out to the increasing trade exchange between the two sides, where Russia has become in recent years among the topo 10 largest trading partners with the Sudan.

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