Khartoum: Fuel Prices Hike

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Citizens of Khartoum State nowadays have great difficulties in obtaining fuel, and cooking gas, because gas stations are closed in most parts of Khartoum, Omdurman and Bahri.
Some citizens said that they bring benzene and gasoline from peripheral areas outside Khartoum State, where the prices of benzene, gasoline and cooking gas have reached unreasonable hikes in the black market, due to exchange rate fluctuations and the final lifting of subsidies on cooking gas in the 2024 budget of Khartoum State.
The fuel crisis is entering its eighth month, and all supply procedures have completely stopped due to the continued escalation of the war. Life has been greatly disrupted, and citizens have become dependent on alternatives to cooking gas, such as charcoal and firewood, due to the lack of cooking gas for several months.

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