FM: It is “Emergency”, Rebellion will be Befeated


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

Foreign Minister Ali Al-Sadiq Ali has confirmed that the circumstances that Sudan is currently going through are “emergency” and that the rebellion will be defeated and will continue its role, while calling for the condemnation of the violations of the Rapid Support Militia.

Al-Sadiq headed the Sudanese delegation participating in the 3rd South Summit held in the Ugandan city of Kampala during January 21-23, and presented Sudan’s statement before the summit.

The statement addressed the challenges and disasters that struck various regions of the world and require concerted collective efforts to address them, within the framework of cooperation between the countries of the South in such mannerl that contributes to the prosperity and development of their peoples and non-interference in their internal affairs.

The Minister referred to Sudan’s appreciated contributions within South-South cooperation, and noted that the current conditions that Sudan is going through of war and fighting are emergency conditions.

He stressed that the rebellion will be defeated and life will return to normal, and Sudan will continue its role in cooperation between the countries of the South-South and South-North.

Al-Sadiq appealed to the summit to condemn the violations and atrocities committed by the Rapid Support Militia against the Sudanese people.

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