Human Rights Activists Condemn RSF’s Arrest of Journalist


Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Darfur Lawyers Association and its partners – an independent human rights organization – have condemned the arrest of journalist Haitham Dafallah, editor of Al-Midan Newspaper affiliated with the Communist Party, and his brother Omar, by the Rapid Support Militia. They denounced the storming of their house in Al-Jaraif West in Khartoum, searching it, and seizing the phones of everyone in the house.

In a statement today (Sunday), the Commission demanded the release of journalist Haitham and his brother Omar, and said that according to statements from their family, RSF arrested them on the afternoon of Friday, January 20, in front of their house in Al-Jaraif West, near 60th Street, and then returned. The same force, at eleven o’clock in the evening, stormed the house, searched it, and seized the phones of everyone in the house.

The Commission renewed its condemnation and denunciation of the arrest, and demanded the immediate release of journalist Haitham Dafallah, his brother Omar, and all detainees.

It called on RSF to stop committing these violations against civilians and held it responsible.

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