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Liverpool FC, the leader of the English Premier League, issued a statement regarding the injury of its Egyptian striker, Mohamed Salah, who is currently with his country’s national team in Ivory Coast.

The English club said that Mohamed Salah will return to the AXA training headquarters on Wednesday to begin an intensive rehabilitation program with Liverpool’s medical staff regarding the muscle injury he suffered.

The injury, which appeared to be worse than initially thought, forced him to leave the match against Ghana.

We have reached an official agreement with the Egyptian Football Association for Salah to receive treatment at Liverpool.

Mohamed Salah will begin working directly with the club’s medical staff as soon as he returns to Merseyside.

The goal is to return to full readiness as soon as possible for his country’s national team and the club and to give him the best opportunity to return and participate in the African Nations if the Egyptian national team’s progress in the tournament continues.

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