Atbara Commerce Chamber Justifies Bread Prices Increase

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

Atbara Town in the River Nile State has witnessed a scarcity of bread, with its prices increasing from 50 pounds per loaf of bread to 200 pounds for (3) loaves of bread.
The Secretary General of the Atbara Chamber of Commerce, Saif Al-Din Moqled, justified the scarcity of bread (loaf) and the increase in its prices due to the high cost of flour.
He said in a statement to (Sudan Events) that the cost of making bread from local flour is expensive due to the rise in flour prices, which forced bakery owners to resort to using imported flour, which in turn witnessed an increase coinciding with the rise of the dollar.
Moqaled added that the increase in the prices of imported flour was also coincided by an increase in the prices of yeast in general as a result of the administrative fees for imports and exports imposed by state authorities.
He expected bread to be available soon upon finding a formula to provide bread at affordable prices and achieve a satisfactory profit margin for bakery owners.

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