Libyan Federation Allows Sudan to participate As A national Player


Sudan Events – Ali Al-Tahir

The Board of Directors of the Libyan Football Association on Thursday allowed Sudanese and Palestinians to participate in clubs as national players, and the same local rights apply to them.

The Libyan Federation indicated on its page on the social media platform Facebook that the Board of Directors No. “8” of 2024 allows clubs in the first, first, second and third divisions to register players of Sudanese and Palestinian nationality.

The decision also allowed clubs to register one player with Sudanese and Palestinian citizenship in the youth category under 20 years, the Al Amal category under 17 years, and the youth category under 15 years.

The Libyan Federation guaranteed that the Sudanese and Palestinian players would be treated in accordance with Article 1, the same as the Libyan player in terms of the number of registration and participation, and that they would be registered in accordance with the controls specified in the transfer regulations.

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