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State of Institutions: A Top Priority


Sudan Events – Neimat Al Naiem

We talked, wrote, and argued. We agreed and disagreed on the absurd war of Khartoum with all its devastation. Yes, there was murder, rape, theft, plundering, looting, plundering, homelessness, displacement, abandonment of homes, loss of money, children, and the whole country.

Some people are talking about this damned war ended its ninth month, and they are still counting the days, hours, and minutes to return to Khartoum, Muqrin al-Nilein (Junction of the two Niles) and the Fortress (Tabyia) facing the Nile. Returning to Khartoum with all its momentum, history, platforms, and three loyalties (I wish my people knew) and remembering the heroic stances of the leaders in my country.

The senseless war has ended, and the motives of those who sparked the conflict in it and led to a damned war have disappeared. What is happening now is an operation to clean up the deep wound, the embarrassment of the nation and the people of the nation who have been dreaming of a State of institutions for more than six decades.

We must combine our efforts for this cleaning process. Everyone dreams of returning to their homes (if there is anything left in them), but we must organize ourselves in order for this cleaning process to take place, and we must learn the lesson well.

Returning to Khartoum means rebuilding, rehabilitation of the State. The war was not only Khartoum’s war, it is a war. All the cities. The war of the entire Sudanese nation. Millions left Khartoum of the two Niles by force towards the different states and the Sudanese countryside (how oppressed you are, our beloved countryside), which opened all its doors and left them open for those coming from Khartoum.

There are those who crossed (Al Maleh) the Red Sea, as our elders and grandfathers say, and others who split the desert. In search of a safe haven.

Yes, there were many reasons and directions for leaving Khartoum, but it is the damned war, my people.

Returning to Khartoum remains an obsession that haunts the lives of those who have been displaced, uprooted, and emigrated. We say it out loud. Khartoum will definitely return, safe and stable, and will be a refuge for the fearful.

We only have to put the homeland above everyone’s minds, and every beginning has an end. And every beginning necessarily has an end, and the life of evil is short.

Our call is to work to rebuild the nation through a state of institutions, which I consider to be the demand of every Sudanese who is jealous and keen on the interests of his country.

The Sate of institutions remains a top priority, and we must all support the process of construction and reconstruction (O Sudan of the spirit, it is in heart of my heart, I love it ), and we say this with all love and appreciation to our people in all parts of my beloved country.

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