Sudan welcomes ICJ decision on Gaza

Sudan Events-Follow-ups

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Sudan welcomes the decision of the International Court of Justice that it has jurisdiction to consider the lawsuit filed by South Africa and other countries against Israel for committing genocide in Gaza, and described the decision as historic, in addition to the court’s approval of urgent measures for the purpose of protecting the Palestinians from genocide and securing food and humanitarian assistance delivery
The Ministry said in a statement Friday that the decision represents an important victory for the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle to obtain their just rights to establish their independent state.
It added that it is a prominent step towards consecrating the principles of international justice and commitment to international humanitarian law, fighting impunity, and affirming that the right above power.
The statement said the Sudan calls on all concerned parties to implement and support the resolution, that the Security Council should adopt an urgent ceasefire in Gaza and all the occupied Palestinian territories, based on this resolution.

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