Central Khartoum Shelling, One Dead, Several Injured

Sudan Events – Follow-ups

A civilian was killed and three others were injured when two shells hit Daim Al-Taisha area, center of the capital, Khartoum, on Friday.
The (Sudan Violations) platform quoted eyewitnesses from Daim Al-Taisha area as saying that one of the two shells hit the area southeast of Al-Ghali Fuel Station in a glass shop, while the second shell fell north of Al-Jawda Hospital.
The platform indicated that this incident was the first of its kind in the neighborhood in about four months, as the neighborhood was calm with no aerial and artillery shelling or aerial bombardments.
The Rapid Support militia controls large parts of Khartoum, especially the Al-Duyoum and Al-Sahafa neighborhoods, all the way to the central market and the south of Al-Hizam.

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