Al-Fula: Vegetables Prices Hit Low

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Vegetable producers in West Kordufan State have revealed the decline in prices in the vegetable market in Al-Fula. Sheikh Ahmed Mohammad Hussein attributed this to the abundant production from their farms, pointing out that farmers are working hard despite the scarcity of capabilities, and he called on the Ministry of Production to work on establishing Hafeers (pools) in order to complete the agricultural season, in addition to introducing modern technologies.
The Director General of the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources in West Kordufan, Abdul Rahman Tahamid Abdullah, during his inspection visit to the farms of vegetable producers in the Al-Farshya area, south of the city of Al-Fula (Monday), praised the abundant production of the farms, which supplied the market in the city of Al-Fula and contributed greatly to the significant decline in prices. During the tour, he checked out the agricultural products and obstacles which hinder production and work to address them.
The Director General promised to provide more extension services and agricultural consultations and to contribute to providing inputs, the first of which is pesticides and improved seeds.
Tahamid stressed coordination with organizations working in the agricultural sector in the state to include producers in agricultural programs and projects in the future. He explained that the Plant Protection Department at the Ministry of Production contributed greatly to combating agricultural pests, especially locusts, which led to a significant increase in productivity.
For her part, Engineer Ebtisam Tiya Ali, Director of the Horticulture Department at the Ministry of Production, pointed to the abundance of production despite the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through, indicating that the total area of the farms is estimated at five hundred fedans and they face real problems, the most important of which is agricultural pests and irrigation.

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