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The Federal Minister of Health, Dhaithem Mohamed Ibrahim, revealed that arrangements are underway with the National Fund for Medical Supplies to import urgent medicines from the countries of the region and partners, indicating contact with embassies and countries and providing them with a list of the actual need to support medicines and medical consumables for three months.
The Minister announced a decrease in cholera infection rates in the affected states after vaccination operations in (Gedaref, Gezira, and Khartoum), indicating in press statements following his meeting (Monday) with the Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Malik Aqar, in his office in Port Sudan,
He made arrangements to introduce vaccines in the states of (Red Sea, Kasala, and White Nile), and pledged to deliver services to all states through arrangements with partners and state and regional governments, and to arrange for the continuation of immunization operations in other states. The minister confirmed and pledged to work to stabilize the drug supply, especially for those with chronic diseases, pointing out that the meeting discussed the health situation in the country and the epidemiological conditions, in addition to the national campaign for vaccination against measles and rubella. He announced the arrival of dialysis for kidney patients.
The Minister indicated he provided a briefing on the overall situation in Gezira State after the invasion of the Rapid Support militias, and the arrangements that were made with the Red Cross Committee to ship medicines and distribute them to the various states of Sudan.

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