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Sudanese Play: The Woman and the Sultan Participates in Egypt


Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

Continuing Workshop Band of Arts received an invitation to participate in the street theater program in the eighth round of the Theater Festival for the Youth of the South, that is organized by the (S) Foundation for Culture and Creativity in Qena Locality in the Arab Republic of Egypt on the first of next March.

The Sudanese band participates in the show (The Woman and the Sultan).

It is the play that won at Sharm El-Sheikh International Festival and won the best integrated performance in the street theater .

The play was written by Magdy Al-Nour, prepared and directed by Zuhair Abdel Karim, and acted by Intisar Mahjoub Samaha, Abdullah Al-Munawar, and Zuhair Abdel Karim.

Now the actor, the hero of the movie Goodbye Julia, Nizar Jumaa is participating in the show, starring in the play with

Ihab Mahmoud, Intisar Mahjoub, Harem Bashir, and singer Malak Zein. It is worth noting that this is the band’s second participation.

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