(Taqddum) Delayes and Its Fortunes Decline

Al-Obaid Ahmed Marwah

The attempt of the Central Council group in the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC )to repaint it and change its skin was to no avail, and it still suffer from continuous political losses since its closest relation with the Rapid Support Forces ( RSF) rebellion began to unfold last year up today when its supporters brought in the transitional Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok to lead it in the context of a new coalition they called “ Taqaddum”.
The war that our country has been witnessed since mid-April of last year is basically a political war, through which local forces supported by regional and international powers tried to set a specific agenda on the Sudanese people through a military coup and armed action, when they failed ; they resorted to a chaos scenario perpetuating the conflict, and igniting…
The fire of strife between the spectrums of Sudanese society, and they are still doing so, but it is clear that the winds never gone as their ships desired.
The chaos scenario that was literally implemented by the RSF Militia, the severe violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that affected individuals and institutions, and the cases of looting, robbery, kidnapping, and identity-based killings practiced by the militia, all of which did not prevent the Central Council group in its new structure called “Taqaddum” from standing by its military side represented by that militia, and to defend it in international and regional forums and adopt its version of what happened and is happening, that affirmed that they are all nothing but tools in the hands of those foreign powers that continued to plan to extend their hegemony over Sudan and control its national decision and its enormous potentials after dismantling its army and destroying its Community fabric.
The Central Council group has disappointed significant sectors of the Sudanese, who, were pinning hopes five years ago on its supposed role in the transition to a complete democratic system in which power devolves to whomever the Sudanese people delegate through the election ballots. The disappointment did not stop at the Central Council group, that claims freedom.
It supports totalitarianism, and even extends it to the international powers that have always supported democracies in the world, but it leaves the ropes to its allies and agents in the region who have become deaf to the calls and aspirations of their people for freedom and democracy!!

The Sudanese people were determined, supported their army in the war that was imposed on them, pulled what remained of the rug of support from under the feet of everything related to what was known as the Central Council Group, besieged its sleeping cells and began to dismantle its networks supporting the rebellion, and here a new popular authority is emerging. From under the dust of war and the rubble of destruction caused by the rebel militia, without political interference from any party, that affirms the saying that “what comes after the April War will not be the same as before it” ,and that a new movement and patriotism whose features have begun to appear, and is beginning to set a new reality on the ground that is impossible to overcome, It constitutes a new alignment to defend the nation and its capabilities, and therefore the period of kidnapping the popular will and speak on behalf of the “civilian powers” will not be longer than it has already been.

The political decline that befell “Taqddum” record and the loss that befell its reputation on the Sudanese street level will not be of any use to the desperate efforts of its supporters to extricate it from the mire into that it has fallen, and its leaders no longer have any choice but to choose exile as a homeland.

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