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Baraka Sakin: The Dispute Between me and Willows House Resolved

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To my dear readers, I have the right to inform you that the dispute between me and Willows House has been resolved. We jointly issued the statement below.
Recently, a dispute arose between the Willows House Publishing House, owned by Qata Yamba, and the writer, Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin, over the interpretation of some clauses in the contract signed between them to publish and distribute the latter’s books. The two parties were able, through the mediation of Atef El Haj Saeed and Osama Trabelsi, the lawyer, to overcome this disagreement and sign a new contract that addresses the ambiguity.
some points in the last contract, the rights of both sides are preserved to their satisfaction.
Accordingly, starting today, Willows House Publishing House will resume distributing Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin’s books at the Cairo International Book Fair and in distribution outlets in all fairs and Arab countries.
The two parties extend their thanks to everyone who mediated in resolving the dispute, and apologize to all dear friends and readers who were offended by this dispute.

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