Foreign Currencies Continue to Rise in Sudan


Sudan Events_Nahid Oshi

Trading foreign currencies against the Sudanese pound has achieved a successive increase at the end of January 2024 in official banks and the parallel market, where the price of the dollar in the Bank of Khartoum stabilized at the level of 980.0 pounds, and recorded at a price of 1050 pounds in the Bank of Omdurman.

In the parallel (unofficial) market, the purchase price of the dollar rose to 1,120 pounds, and its selling price reached 1,110 pounds.

While the price of the euro in the parallel market recorded 1,170 pounds.

The price of the Saudi riyal in the parallel market reached 296 pounds.

While the price of the Emirati dirham was 300 pounds

Economists attribute the continued rise in foreign currency prices against the Sudanese pound to the continuation of the war, which is approaching its tenth month, and the removal of its negative shadows on the trade situation, the decline in export revenues, and the increased demand for foreign currencies for the purpose of covering import costs

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