Pledges to Pay Salaries of States’ Radio and TV Corporations


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The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has pledged to pay the salaries of states Radio and TV corporations.

He added the corporations’ lists to the first federal chapter, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, confirmed his follow-up with the Secretary-General of the Cabinet to implement the outcomes of the Gedaref Conference regarding the order of the state radio and television bodies, and Ministry of Finance will implement its share.

Dr. Graham adhered during his meeting with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance (Wednesday), who discussed financial issues related to the corporations.

He adhered to the need to resolve the issue of states corporations urgently, and provided a detailed explanation of the problems and obstacles facing them, especially in the first chapter, in addition to other financial obligations, based on the outcomes of the conference of state governors in Gedaref and the directives of the Cabinet to implement the recommendations related to the states corporations.

For his part, the representative of the directors of the corporations, Naji Farouk, said that the efforts made by the Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Graham Abdul Qader, indicate his keen interest and keenness in arranging the affairs of the states’ corporations and resolving their issues, praising the steps that have been taken in order to reach solutions that will bring satisfaction and exert more effort in performing the media work mission.

The representative of the corporations’ directors, Mr. Siraj Abdul Rahim, thanked the Ministry of Finance for its understanding of the corporations’ problems and seeking to solve them, especially salaries, in addition to its recognition of the existing problem and expressing its willingness to solve it with the Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Graham Abdul Qader.

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