The Purchasing Power of Goods in Sudan


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Importers complained of the frequent fees imposed on the container, considering the cause of the head of commodity prices.

Former Security Secretary of the National Chamber of Former , Hashim Al-Fadil, criticized the price of the dollar to 950 pounds instead of 650 , which is reflect to citizen , despite the loss of the citizen’s property , job , dwelling and all that he has, rewarded by the government to increase his laders by increasing the Customs Dollar.

He confirmed that the tariffs imposed about 50% of the value of the commodity as well as added 17%. The main reason for high prices of commodity prices is high price of the dollar and detected losses regarding the health materials for which they lose 20% of its cost (cost price higher than the selling price), at a time when purchasing power decreased and becoming almost unclear because of the economic conditions of citizens after the loss of 90% of citizens, lost their jobs and source of their income.

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