Zawa supports Networks of Small Farmers in Gedaref

Report: Sudan Events 
In a remarkable presence of partners in the agricultural process, including banks, insurance companies, organizations and agricultural services companies, the Dutch Zawa Organization in the village of Wad Al-Senussi launched the activities of the scheme to strengthen service centers for networks and small farmers’ associations in Qalabat, including distribution of (26) tractors and (14) agricultural harvesters. (2) Sesame harvester, at a total cost of £(1) million .
The acting governor of Gedaref, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Mahjoub, appreciated the great role played by the “Zawa” organization in supporting and developing the small producers sector, boosting food security and achieving economic empowerment for women in Gedaref.
Appreciated the qualitative leap in the sector of small farmer networks, that has achieved a major boom in production processes thanks to the training, guidance and logistical support of the Zawa organization, he revealed that his government has begun establishing the Gedaref Microfinance Bank Law, which aims to support productive sectors.
He called on banks to facilitate financing procedures for associations. Agriculture to enter into the processes of developing the livestock sector. In the same context, Dr. Al-Tayeb Omar, the country director of the “Zawa organization in Sudan, praised the unlimited cooperation and support from the government of Gedaref State for the “Zawa projects in various productive sectors, pointing out that the organization’s strategy is moving towards forming a technical-scientific model starting from Gedaref, To spread the experience to all other states of Sudan, indicating that the project came within the framework of complementing the previous  scheme and evaluating the associations’ need for agricultural mechanisms, in partnership with the German Aid Agency (GIZ), in addition to introducing new associations within the project.
In addition to including a training package for the new associations in management, marketing and value chains, stressing that the plan also includes introducing five new localities with the aim of training, networking and linking them to financing networks.
Meanwhile, Laila Madani, spokeswoman for the agricultural networks, appreciated the role of the Zoa Organization and its partners in saving the agricultural season, stressing that the members of the networks have received training doses in the field of using agricultural technologies, organization, money management, marketing and value chains, that transferred the associations from traditional work to scientific training and qualification.

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