Agar Affirms the Importance of Integrating Efforts for Sudan Stability

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Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Lt. Gen.Malik Aqar Eir , said that Sudan is above ambitions of all people and must be preserved by all people until stability is achieved.
He appreciated efforts of the Red Sea State in sheltering all those affected war sparked by the terrorist rebel Rapid Support RSF militias, and that the effort of the Red Sea State Red deserves appreciation.
He said while addressing the national panic to support Gezira statein the city of Port Sudan, which was organized by the Supreme Committee for Supporting Popular Resistance and Mobilization under the slogan (Gezira is calling you, answer it) yesterday.
He said that Medani has history and civilization since ancient times, and it is a state that tributaries to the Sudanese treasury and that it is a generous country.
Aqar added that what happened in Madani is unacceptable and that what happened must be dealt with from its roots so that such events will not be repeated again.
He said that weapons have reached Gezira state and that we are fighting a war for the survival of the Sudanese state and we must fight it directly with all valor and courage and we are capable of victory. .
He said that the armed forces SAF and other regular forces are a safety valve and that the alert came due to necessary circumstances and that the existence of the Sudanese State is preserved and protected from invaders, and that this war is a war of settlement and is more funded and planned and that defeating the enemy must be in all sites because those who are fighting against the SAF are invaders and traitors.

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