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New Regional Tour for its Envoy, Washington Moves to End Sudanese Crisis

Sudan Events – Aya Ibrahim

The American administration, through its new envoy, Tom Perriello, has activated its regional efforts to discuss ending the Sudanese crisis, which has entered its second year due to the rebellion of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia against the Sudanese Armed Forces since April of last year.
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A new regional tour is being conducted by the US Special Envoy to Sudan, Tom Perriello, during these days, including Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to meet with key regional partners to enhance efforts aimed at ending the conflict in Sudan.
The US State Department said in a statement that its special envoy’s regional tour aims to avoid more mass atrocities, meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the Sudanese people, and chart the road toward the transition to a democratic, civilian-led government.
Influential country
The head of the Policy Committee of the National Umma Party, Imam Al-Hilu, confirms that the United States of America is an influential country in the regional and international environment, and said that his party appreciates its efforts to stop and end the war imposed on the Sudanese people.
Al-Hilu pointed out to (Sudan Events) that Perriello’s tour reflects the interest of these countries in the implications of the repercussions of the Sudanese war on them and on regional security.
He said, “Despite our appreciation for the involvement of the United States of America in the hotspots of many conflicts, we did not understand its strategy in putting an end to the conflict in Sudan, nor the clarity of its strategy in the hotspots of those conflicts.” He pointed out that the clarity of America’s strategy towards the situation in Sudan helps the political and national forces deal objectively and realistically. With it, it helps regional partners reach an understanding with us as Sudanese concerned with national destiny.
Various encounters
According to the US State Department statement, Perriello is scheduled to meet with partner governments to coordinate diplomatic efforts to resume negotiations and exert the necessary pressure to protect civilians, silence weapons, and facilitate the transition to a civilian democratic government. He will also hold meetings with a wide range of Sudanese civilians, including civil society, resistance committees, and other parties to hear their views on how to strengthen efforts to end the conflict.
Internal division
Political analyst Dr. Rashid Al-Tijani said that the tours of the American envoy to Sudan would make any breakthrough regarding the Sudanese crisis, and he justified his speech by saying that his movements are not moving towards the desired goal. He said that Perriello is dealing with the issue outside Sudan and did not come to the country.
Al-Tijani pointed out in an interview with (Sudan Events) that the US Congress had previously demanded that the envoy come up with a plan to solve the problem and not talk about humanitarian conditions, and he said, “Even the Americans themselves know that he has nothing to offer,” indicating that his movements come within the framework of public relations, given that he is entrusted with his mission and is trying to Showing that it is working, he pointed out that the United States is internally divided regarding the Sudanese crisis between resolving the issue directly and indirectly.
Previous round
Perriello previously conducted a regional tour that included Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya, during which he held meetings with senior officials in addition to his meetings with Sudanese actors, during which he expressed his hope for the resumption of negotiations between the army and the RSF. He also held consultations in Cairo with the head of the National Democratic Party. The Sudanese Congress, Omar Al-Dagir, and the Vice-President of the National Umma Party, Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, are leaders in the Forces of Freedom and Change (RFC) Alliance – Central Council. Perriello also held similar meetings with leaders in the FFC – Democratic Bloc, Nour Al-Daim Taha and Mohammad Zakaria, along with a limited group of Sudanese media professionals.
Solution efforts
On February 26, the US State Department announced the appointment of Tom Perriello as a special envoy to Sudan. The move came months after Democratic and Republican lawmakers demanded the appointment of a senior problem-solving expert to help prevent one of the largest African countries from sliding into civil war.

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