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Setting up Gallows for Citizens…Militia Commits Horrific Atrocities

Sudan Events – report

Information was revealed about the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Militia’s assassination of civilians by hanging, inside detention centers and execution chambers it had installed in the capital, Khartoum. The killing of men, women and children in the current war did not stop at the barrage of bullets, bombs and other weapons and torture only for the violations to turn into killing with gallows set up inside a number of homes.
Preparing a room
A video clip, according to “Sudan Tribune,” showed a professional execution gallows being set up inside a house in the Wad Al-Basir area of Omdurman, and the guillotine being installed on the sides of the ceiling of one of the rooms of the house.
Residents of the area who recently returned and were interviewed by Sudan Tribune revealed that the execution chamber had been prepared inside an apartment on Wad Al-Bashir Street in the center of Old Omdurman, which the army had regained last February.
Activists in Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman, who were interviewed by Sudan Tribune, revealed about 14 execution chambers set up by the RSF in those cities, supervised by officers who act as judges and issue rulings against civilians on charges of dealing with army intelligence or monitoring its coordinates.
In an interview with Sudan Tribune, the activist in Khartoum Bahri (F-K) documented the presence of 6 RSF execution rooms in a house on Al-Inqaz Street facing the Weta Factory, two rooms in the Shambat Al-Aradi neighborhood, another in the Al-Safia neighborhood, and two rooms in two houses near the Mazala camp in the Hijra neighborhood.
Guillotine of death

On the other hand, activists and residents in Omdurman, including those who live on Wad Al-Basir Street in the Wad Nubawi neighborhood, confirmed the existence of an execution chamber used by the RSF during their control of the area.
(J-B), a resident of the neighborhood, said that the room was prepared by installing a steel beam near the ceiling, placing a steel stand in the middle of it, attaching a strong rope to it, completely removing the floor of the room, and digging it deep.
The RSF set up two execution rooms in the Umbada area, according to what two people from the area confirmed. Steel legs were found inside two houses and the remains of people who had been hanged. It was not clear, according to their testimony, whether they were soldiers or civilians.
The RSF executed dozens of people by hanging to death inside rooms in four neighborhoods in Khartoum, where residents in the Al-Kalakla neighborhood, south of Khartoum, confirmed that an unknown number had been executed in Al-Kalakla Al-Qubba, Al-Safa and Al-Kalakla Al-Munawara neighborhoods.
A resident of the Al-Sajana neighborhood in Khartoum mentioned during a telephone interview with “Sudan Tribune” that there are execution and torture rooms inside houses near the El-Alamein Sports Club. These forces subject the detainees to investigation and torture and execute them, confirming that 6 people were executed there at varying intervals.
He confirmed that there was an execution guillotine set up on a tree inside one of the houses that could be seen from the outside. The soldiers in the neighborhood modified it many times and executed people on it at night.
He pointed out that the destitute are transported to an unknown destination, where the soldiers drag the bodies and transport them to an unknown place and then return to the same house again – according to his statement.

Militia attacks
Human Rights Watch said in a report that attacks by the RSF and their allied militias in El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur state, killed at least thousands of people and left hundreds of thousands of refugees from April to November 2023.
In its report, it accused these forces of committing crimes against humanity and large-scale war crimes in the context of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the ethnic Masalit and other non-Arab residents in and around El Geneina.

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