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Ebony Fadwa Farid: I have nothing but my voice to call for peace

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

The artist singer Fadwa Farid, famous for her ebony, said in an interview with Al-Sharq Channel that she is the daughter of a million miles land. “I have never seen myself as a South Sudanese or a Sudanese. I am the daughter of a million miles. My mother is from Darfur and my father is from South Sudan.” She added.
“he war was a shock to me, I apologize to all the regions of Sudan that have wars. I know the meaning of war, as the war deprived me of my father’s family.” Fadwa added.
She confirmed that she was very hurt during this war and the marriage she experienced, especially her departure from Madani, and more. “I am in pain, but I have nothing but my voice to call for peace.” She said. “We are not saying that the war will stop because Khartoum returns, but for the sake of all of Sudan, not just Khartoum.” She added.
Fadwa did not forget to offer her apologies to the displaced people in Addis Ababa for not being able to reach them due to the current circumstances.

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