Mourinho: I feel sad not to see Ronaldo and Modric in the upcoming European Nations

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Jose Mourinho, coach of the Turkish club Fenerbahce, commented on the Euro 2024 matches being held in Germany.
“I watch the Euro 2024 matches with sadness, because I think that Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the last European Championship for them. I say sadness in its true sense, because players like them we don’t see very often, and in the case of Cristiano and Modric, football was kind to them and gave them pride in being the best in the world in some moments, and I think Kroos was not satisfied with what he is as a player. For me, he is definitely a great player, and when I say talent, I don’t mean the guy who can keep the ball in the air for three hours, I mean creative talent in the positive sense and then the normal, physical characteristics especially in the direction that football is going with so many games and the intensity in the game if you just have the talent but not The basic physical requirements are in your DNA. You will not be a great player and then it works because it is also about the psychological aspect, and having the balls necessary to be present at the right moment, and to provide assistance in moments of pressure in the match. You have to be brave and take responsibility when the big moment comes.” Jose said.

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