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Al-Rashid and Mahdi: “Goodbye Julia” is a film worth watching

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

The head of the Sudanese Dramatists Syndicate, Al-Rashid Ahmed Issa, said that he would not be exaggerating if he said that the goal of drama is to achieve justice. He said that the movie Goodbye Julia, the ongoing Sudanese crisis in the absence of justice, and stressed that the absence of the resistance enlightenment drama project committed to the issues of the homeland will lead to a further continuation of the discourse of racism, regionalism, and wars in all their forms.
“Goodbye, Julia, is a film worth watching because it summarizes our worsening crises. Thank you, the work team.” He said.
In this context, theater artist Ali Mahdi said that the film represents the new birth of the new Sudanese cinema.
“The film contains many references, some of which are silent, and others are not understood, but they are eloquent and powerful as you watch, sitting in front of the national general situation.” He added.
“The visions of creative youth are now keys for others, and the new Sudanese cinema sits on the edge of the national creative scene, in preparation for a set of revelations about a situation they are best able to express.” He continued.
Building the Sudanese nation with an eye more capable of seeing and a heart full of insight.”
“I watched the tape in its first showing here in Cairo, then in other showings in the capitals of the world, and in all of them I understood more that the new birth of the new Sudanese cinema requires stronger eyesight and a broader vision.” Mahdi said.

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