“Reporters Without Borders”: Miserable Conditions for Sudanese Journalists

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Reporters Without Borders, a non-governmental organization that seeks freedom of the press and is based in Paris, revealed the miserable conditions suffered by Sudanese journalists as a result of the raging war in Khartoum, which led to 17 local newspapers stopping publication, 12 radio stations and 4 local channels stopping broadcasting. In addition, there has been a cease in state-owned media.

The organization added that, from April to July 2023, it was able to provide support to about “40” journalists by transporting them to live safely in Egypt, while the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate provided support to “6” of its members who suffer from chronic diseases and provided them with a treatment grant.

The union said that the managements of government and private media institutions were unable to fulfill their financial obligations towards their employees, in a situation that was the worst since the 1940s.
The war forced Sudanese journalists to flee to different and safe parts of Sudan, far from Khartoum, and to work in low-income professions after they and their families were exposed to violations, the looting of homes and belongings, and sometimes death threats.

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