(Sudan Events) reveals that pharmaceutical companies refrain from importing

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Sudan Events follow-ups revealed a new increase in drug prices, as some pharmacy owners in the city of Shendi, River Nile State, attributed the rise in prices, during their response to an inquiry (Sudan Events), to the reluctance of many pharmaceutical companies to conclude new import deals due to the fluctuation in the price of the dollar after the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound against the dollar jumped to 900 pounds just before it now drops to 840 pounds.
Hence, the price of Cardex 5mm, “a heart treatment,” increased to 4,000 pounds instead of 1,800 pounds, as the price of diabetes pills (3 ml barrels) increased by 4,000 pounds compared to 2,000 pounds last week.
The price of a liquid injection also increased to 5,000 pounds instead of 4,000 pounds.
Prices of diabetes testing devices: The price of a German-made device reached 25,000 pounds instead of 18,000 pounds, while the price of a Saudi-made diabetes testing device increased to 18,000 pounds instead of 14,000 pounds.

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