70-80% of Sudan Investments flee to Neighbouring Countries

Sudan Events- Rehab Abdullah

Sudan Event follow-ups disclosed escape of investments from Sudan to neighboring countries due to the war between the SAF and the RSF militia.
Businessman member of the Commercial Chamber Ibrahim Al-Kinani, affirmed in his interview to “Sudan Events” the flight of Sudanese capitals ,adding, “It is not only foreigners who are forced to escape because of the war, besides that capital is cowardly.” Al-Kinani affirmed that Sudanese investments between 70% to 80%, pointed that some factories in Sudan requested be transferred abroad Egypt in particular that works through free zones in neighboring countries to preserve the brands in order to avoid conditions of development s of war, indicating to the product itself, the “staff,” is now displaced, pointing out that more than 5 million were represented labor force that lost their jobs, as well as those who fled outside Sudan themselves with their money to survive.

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