Al Suki Farmers Threaten to Escalate Their Issue

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Farmers of Al Suki Agricultural scheme threatened to escalate and oppose decisions of Al Suki Agricultural Authority towards imposing new fees on farmers and initiating criminal proceedings against many employees of Al Suki Agricultural Authority.

Head of the initiative to rehabilitate Al Suki scheme Omar Hashim, revealed the entry into an open sit-in in front of the presidency of the authority, starting next Tuesday, until the dismissal of those he described as (the corrupt), stressing the necessity of their dismissal.
During his address to the crowds of farmers on Saturday afternoon, Hashim indicated that more than 2000 farmers had met in the authority, demanding the dismissal of the General Director and many employees against the procedures and decisions taken by the authority’s administration.

Origin of the Dispute
The dispute between the authority and the farmers is due to an administrative fee that was imposed through an incompetent committee appointed by the Project Director without taking into consideration the exceptional circumstances of the farmers.

The administration prevented the agricultural associations that contracted with the owners of machinery to cleanse, maintain the canals, and secure irrigation, preventing the associations from recovering the amounts.
Hashim added by saying that the administration denied refunding the money. The amount of six million was taken by the project General Manager from Al Suki project rehabilitation initiative.
Hashim said that the farmers’ first steps began by submitting a complaint to the Federal Minister of Agriculture about two weeks ago against the Director-General and his policies and decisions, according to which the Minister formed an investigation committee on the complaint headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture. However, he was late in making the decision, in addition to the start of the harvest, with the Director persisting in his decisions.

Escalation Steps

The farmers announced escalation steps to oppose the decisions of Al Suki administration, including notifying the Undersecretary and the Federal Minister of Agriculture that they will begin taking criminal measures against the Director-General and others, including stopping harvesting and starting an open sit-in in front of the presidency of the authority starting next Tuesday until the dismissal of what those he described as (the corrupt).

In addition to demanding the dismissal of the General Director, the Suki Agricultural farmers announce a sit-in and escalate their case.

Corruption files

Hashim described the Authority’s director as weak and a danger to the project and the harvest. He accused him of covering up the corrupt people who were proven guilty according to the Auditor General’s report, who added to raising bills amounting to $270 billion in the old year in 2020. This appeared in the Auditor General’s report.

The director of the authority blamed the obstruction of farmers’ harvests, as well as the fees imposed without taking into account the conditions of farmers who have not planted for three years.

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