Sudanese Foreign Ministry Accuses the RSF 

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A statement from Sudan’s Foreign Ministry accuses the RSF of destroying Shambat Bridge on the River Nile linking the cities of Omdurman and Khartoum North on Saturday. The statement said that this heinous crime represents an extension of the strategy of systematic destruction of the Sudan, which the terrorist militia resorted to after failing to seize power by force and defeat it on the battlefields, as today’s crime was preceded by the destruction and burning of a number of strategic economic institutions, public facilities, universities, hospitals, cultural and religious centers in the capital and a number of states

The latest was the attempt to burn down Khartoum refinery last week. The destruction of the bridge by the militia was considered an attempt to impede the advance of the Sudanese army forces.

The Foreign Ministry condemned this systematic destruction of the state’s infrastructure calling on the international community to condemn the crime , which was described as a “terrorist crime” and similar crimes, holding the responsibility for these crimes to the militia and those behind it and continues to provide the terrorist militia with weapons of destruction and killing civilians.

The time will come when they are revealed and Sudan reserves its right to, demanding those countries to provide appropriate compensation for the destruction and devastation they caused.

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