Trudeau: Human Tragedy in Gaza Has to Stop 

Sudan Events – Sumaya Sayed

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Israel on Tuesday to exercise maximum restraint for the protection of civilians in Gaza, saying the killing of women and babies “has to stop.”

Speaking at a press conference in the western province of British Columbia, Trudeau said the human tragedy that is unfolding in Gaza is heart-wrenching, citing the suffering in and around Al-Shifa Hospital after Israel’s recent strikes.

“I urge the Government of Israel to exercise maximum restraint. The world is watching on TV, on social media. We’re hearing the testimonies of doctors, family members, survivors, kids who’ve lost their parents. The world is witnessing this. The killing of women and children, of babies…this has to stop,” he told reporters.

At least 11,320 Palestinians have been killed, including over 7,750 women and children, and around 29,000 others have been injured, according to the latest figures from Palestinian authorities.

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