Sudan: Women Subjected to Massive Violations

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Minister of Social Development, Ahmed Bakhit, acknowledged that some Sudanese women were subjected to massive violations by the Rapid Support Militia (RSF) during the ongoing war in the country, and confirmed that they were monitored and reported to international bodies concerned with women’s rights, in addition to the exposure of minor children to families, revealing that they were received through the Child Welfare Council from the Red Crescent and now under the care of the Governor of Kassala, waiting for their families to retrieve them.
The Minister confirmed during a report on his ministry’s performance (Tuesday) that the amount of foreign aid received to Sudan was small compared to the actual need of those affected by the war.
He revealed that 23,000 surgical operations had been performed via the health insurance card, in addition to the frequency of 3 million medical cases in all health centers, even in the areas invaded by the Rapid Support militia in Darfur and Kordofan.
The Minister admitted that the Pension Fund was affected by the war, noting that it sponsors 370,000 pensioners, adding that they were able to raise the minimum pension to 37,000 pounds.
The Minister announced Sudan’s participation and chairmanship of the Population and Development Conference in Cairo on November 26.

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