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Inciner8 Company, which is an international English company specialized in manufacturing waste incinerators for the medical, agricultural and municipal sectors, said that it has finalized a deal with Sudan to manufacture two incinerators that will be shipped to Sudan within the next two months after they are manufactured in the city of Southport.
The company added in a press briefing on Tuesday that the order worth 2 million sterling pounds for two of the company’s i8-1000 brands. The order is the third largest order in the history of Inciner8, which was established in 2003.
Ghazi Saad El-Din, sales manager of the manufacturing company, said: “The war broke out in Sudan when the order was about to be finalized, as people on the ground really needed the equipment because it makes a real difference to people’s lives to make sure waste is disposed of correctly and safely.”
He pointed out that the order is a milestone in the business, as the Inciner8 sales team was able to achieve this despite the conflict.
The sales manager added: “The easy option would have been to wait until the situation calmed down, but it was the customer who insisted on that, which manifests how important this product is.
This is the exciting thing about our work. When there is a war, a pandemic or a natural disaster, we provide a solution to a growing problem because the amount of waste around the world continues to increase.
Inciner8 supported its intermediary client, a humanitarian organization that supplies relief agencies and NGOs, in finding new incinerator sites up to 600 miles from conflict zones. This meant that equipment could be provided to the new sites for war-displaced people who needed it most, the matter that prevents the risk of infection due to accumulated waste.
The company confirmed that it will train workers on these advanced i8-1000 incinerators on the ground to ensure ease of using this modern type of technology.

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