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Sudanese Actors Join Ramadan in Film

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Sudanese actors Mahmoud Al-Sarraj and Islam Mubarak joined the team of the movie “Black Lion,” starring Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan.
A number of social media sites said the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan is preparing the first scenes of his new movie, “Black Lion,” next December.
The movie “Black Lion” is considered one of the largest films to be released in the market during the coming period, due to the list of names included in the work, which was officially announced.
Participating in the movie “Black Lion”, alongside Mohamed Ramadan, are the Egyptian actor Khaled El-Sawy, the Lebanese actress Razan Gamal, the Egyptian actors Sherif Salama, Ali Qassem and Ahmed Abdel Hamid, and the Sudanese actors Mahmoud Al-Sarraj and Islam Mubarak.
The movie “Black Lion”, has been written and directed by Mohamed Diab.

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