Payment of Pensions Abroad Impeded

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The National Pensions and Social Security Fund (NPSF) announced that it is not possible to pay pensions to Khartoum pensioners who are now in Egypt.
The NPSF Director confirmed during a meeting between the Director of the NPSF in the city of Port Sudan and the leaders of the General Union and the Head of the Port Sudan Union (Monday), that a pension cannot be paid outside the country, attributing that to legal reasons and financial procedures.
The meeting discussed the salaries of pensioners in the states and the Khartoum State pension in all states.
It also discussed the pensioners of 2022 and 2023 whose dues have not been settled, and a committee was formed regarding them in the states. The Director confirmed that the June salary would be paid through the banks to all pensioners according to the account numbers for each pensioner.
As for those who were not paid for April and May salary and the Eid grant, the Committee confirmed to be added to the June salary.
The meeting underscored the payment of salaries to the states affected by the war.
The Director stated that the January and February arrears, the Eid Al-Fitr grants, Eid Aladha, and the differences are the right of the pensioners, but pointed out that the current circumstances under which the country is going, does not allow payment, but pledged to pay them as soon as circumstances permit.

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