Egypt Increases Power Outages

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The programming of electricity cuts in the Arab Republic of Egypt has Increased for two hours a day starting from 9 until 12:00 (according to each area).
The Electricity Company of the Arab Republic of Egypt, responsible for reducing electricity loads, said the town has been divided into zones so that the power outage begins at 9:00 in the morning, taking into account the schedule for each zone.
The company pointed out to the decline in the contribution of renewable energy from wind, solar and hydraulic sources, compared to the same period of the previous year, which contributed to an increase in the load on gas consumption in quantities that exceeded normal consumption rates, compared to the consumption witnessed in the same period of the previous year.
To raise the efficiency of the sector, the company opted for increasing the production of electricity from natural gas via discovery of new gas fields and expanding contracts with other countries, increasing producing electricity from coal led to the establishment of new power stations operating with different types of coal, beside increasing electricity production from renewable energy sources such as establishing new power stations that use solar and wind energy.

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