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The Sudan War.. changing work concepts

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The war that broke out in Sudan affected all aspects of economic, social and political life and cast a negative shadow on the labor market. Many workers in various domains were even forced to change their profession and work in specialties other than those they used to practice.

Social networking sites caught fire with the story being circulated: A famous Sudanese broadcaster on radio and television and a correspondent for Radio Monte Carlo. He works in a mill for grinding wheat and corn in Atbara.

“I am not ashamed of my work in the mill because it is an honorable job. My family, my clan, and my ancestors are my customers and they know that I am a broadcaster on radio and television and a correspondent for the French Radio Monte Carlo.” Said the journalist.

“I work in this mill, and as is known, the economic conditions that prevail in Sudan.” Added the journalist, Maysara Issa.

As for the editor-in-chief of the Sudanese newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm, Aboud Abdel-Rahim, he told (Sudan Events) that Since the outbreak of war on April 15, they have lost their source of income from work, which stopped automatically. Then the rented house in Bahri was hit by a “shell”.

“I miraculously emerged with my family unharmed. I traveled as a guest of my family, before moving to the Nile River State in search of safety and work in any field after the closure of print newspapers and with the difficulty of the communication network and the Internet, which affected electronic newspapers.

My family settled in Atbara, and since I was not good at any profession other than journalistic work, I turned to trade with the help of a colleague and friend in Atbara. As a merchant he provided me with a number of items that I placed on a table in the market. Thank God, I was able to learn a few marketing and selling skills and deal well with shoppers.”

After the first month, I realized that I had not gained anything due to my ignorance of the profit and loss accounts in the company, but thank God the situation improved in the second month and I was able to provide the necessary living needs for my family.”

Now I can say that a major shift has occurred in my field of interests. I will not abandon my profession in journalism, which I loved and worked in for more than 28 consecutive years, but I added a new skill to my journalistic profession by entering commercial work that supported me in times of crisis, and I will not abandon it even if I return to journalistic work.

I turned into a merchant selling consumer goods (all kinds of soap, biscuits, toothpaste, sweets, and other consumer goods) and now I have added school supplies at the beginning of the school year (notebooks, pens, and binders) and I am trying to get a kiosk with official approval from the Nile River State authorities.

During the recent period, I worked in addition to the areas of work by obtaining the authorization of telecommunications companies for the balance transfer service, call services, and the Internet, in accordance with the legal conditions and obligations of the telecommunications companies.”

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